Thread Ring Gauges

Thread Ring Gauges

We offer our clients an exclusive range of Thread Ring Gauge. This product is manufactured out of fine class raw materials to ensure the quality performance of the products and long life function.Thread ring gauges are available in different diameter range and thread, taper or plain forms and can be supplied to the clients as per their predefined specification


Thread Plug Gauges : Dia range 1.3 to 210 mm
Thread Ring Gauges : Dia range 1.3 to 200 mm
Taper Thread Plug Gauges : Any Kind of taper up to1:8, Dia. range 4 to 190 mm
Taper Thread Ring Gauges Ring Gauge : Any Kind of taper up to1:8, Dia. range 4 to 190 mm
Plain Plug Gauges : Dia range 0.8 mm to 600 mm
Plain Ring / Master Gauges : Dia range 1.2 to 300mm
Snap Gauges : Dia range.1.2 to 500 mm
Special Thread Gauges : Forms like Buttres, Trapezoidal, Acme, Pg, B.A, BSCY, BS cond. in single as Well as multistart can be manufactured in above said dia range.
Special Purpose Gauges : Squareness, Concentricity, depth checking, flush pin Gauges & as per drawing Gauges can be manufactured in above said dia. range.


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